How to select the best college after 10+2

Option after school

The main cause for this situation is the choices they made after school which proves that sound career and college counseling was not available or offered to these pupils and they ended up selecting a subject that was not apt for them. As we deliberate on our career choices today, it is important to remember that our innate passions can easily unite with formal education leading us into jobs we love.

Best thing is Students should take advise from counsellors like Quantean

While there are many courses being offered by colleges across the country and abroad, filtering it down to just a few needs, research and guidance. Students can seek relevant advice from expert career counsellors, So that students get it clear their doubts.

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Get Registered to know any Mangalore college details

How to select college

Before selecting colleges, students must decide what courses of study they are going to pursue, what kind of academic interest they have and performance at the 12th/PUC   level.

One of the ways to choose the best college is to conduct extensive research or contact Educational counsellors. Increasingly, young people have the option of going to a college that suits their learning style. Many students assume that a recognised brand name will guarantee success in future.

Rather, success in life has less to do with the choice of college and more with the experiences in college, coupled with personal qualities and traits.

KCET Fees as on 2020

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Important aspect of choosing a college:

One of the most important aspects of choosing a college is financial prospects. Many students aspire to study in the best-known colleges or study abroad but since graduation is an engagement for 3-4 years, students need to be clear about the required budgets and their financial resources.

Students should also find out about available scholarships and loans and how they can be availed or repaid. These financial option which help to decide the college selection too.

Role of Quantean counsellors:

Finally, the role of Quantean counsellors in the process of counseling, they need to connect the students with the colleges and universities or, in case of abroad universities, the admissions officers, so that they get first-hand information about the college and the array of courses offered.

They also play a key role in hosting university fairs and inviting university representatives at 12th/PUC . By doing so, the students are exposed to the latest education trends and are also able to learn about the admissions process.

Experimentation and exploration are key aspects to discover one’s ‘true admire’. With the constant shifts and changes in the careers field, the present need is to take up an education course that allows for the so-called unconventional jobs and being future-ready at the future.

Quantean Scholarship

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